Human Resources Job Overview and Description

The demand for human resources professionals is, on average, higher than the national job growth average for all other professions. Companies are likely to outsource human resource functions to organizations that provide these services, rather than employing their own specialists. According to the BLS, human resource jobs are projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026.

What are Human Resources jobs?

Human resource specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing, and placing workers. They also handle tasks related to employee relations, compensation and benefits, and training.

Human Resources job overview?

Human resource workers typically work in an office environment, either in an HR department or for company that handles human resource functions. Some workers, particularly recruitment specialists, travel extensively to attend job fairs, visit college campuses, and meet with applicants. Most workers work full-time during regular business hours.

What are the different types of Human Resources jobs?

  • Human Resource Generalist. These workers handle all aspects of resource work, including recruitment, employee relations, compensation, benefits, training, as well as the administration of human resource policies, procedures, and programs.
  • Recruitment Specialist. Also known as personal recruiters, or head hunters. They find, screen and interview applicants for job openings.
  • Human Resource Manager. Plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization.

What type of education do you need for a Human Resources job?

A bachelor’s degree will at least be needed for applicants applying for entry level positions. Those who pursue a master’s in human relations will have the best advantage when applying to jobs.

Certification is voluntary for managers, but some employers may prefer applicants with certification, and it may enhance advancement opportunities.

What is a typical salary for Human Resources jobs?

The median annual wage for human resource managers is around $110,120. For specialists, the median annual wage is around $60,350.

What are the job requirements for Human Resources jobs?

Having good interpersonal, communication and decision-making skills is essential for human resource workers. Specialists must be able to communicate to potential applicants and review their qualifications effectively. Their job may require them to make decisions to resolve employee disputes.

Managers should have good leadership and speaking skills in addition to excellent communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills. Employment for careers related to leisure and hospitality is expected to grow slowly over the next few years.

Where can you find a Human Resources job listing?

You can search for a human resource job listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and You can also check your local papers or do a general web search for your area for human resource jobs.

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