Military Job Overview and Description

Enlisted personnel of the armed forces maintain the U.S. national defense. Service members sometimes work in civilian spaces in connection with the military. According to the BLS, opportunities for employment for qualified individuals in all branches of the armed forces should be very good, including for civilian employment.

What are Military jobs?

Military jobs include many different occupations. The military distinguishes between enlisted and officer careers. Most of the members of the armed forces are made up mostly by enlisted personal. Enlisted personnel participate in, or support military operations, and perform technical and support activities. Officers plan, organize, and lead in military operations and activities.

Military job overview

The type of environment and conditions that military workers will find themselves in depend on the occupation, branch, specialty and other factors. Most active military personnel live near or on a military base or facility.

Military workers typically work full-time. Hours may vary depending on the type of job and personnel may be required to work additional hours.

What are the different types of Military jobs?

  • Administrative. Maintain information on personnel, equipment, funds and military-related activities. They work in support areas, such as financing, legal affairs, accounting, supply, and transportation.
  • Combat Specialty. Train and work in combat units, such as infantry, artillery, and special forces.
  • Construction. Build and repair buildings, and structures. They work with engineers and other building specialists as part of military construction teams. Some specialize in certain areas, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, and water purification.
  • Electronic and Electrical Equipment Repair. Maintain and repair electronic equipment used by the military.
  • Engineering, Science, and Technical. Operate technical equipment, solving problems, and collecting and interpreting information. They perform tasks in information technology, environmental and health safety, or intelligence.
  • Healthcare. Provide medical services to military personnel and their family members.
  • Human Resources. Recruit qualified individuals into the military and provide training programs.
  • Machine Operator and Repair. Operate industrial machinery to make and repair parts for a variety of equipment and structures.
  • Media and public affairs. Prepare and present information about military activities to the military and the public.
  • Protective Service. Enforce military laws and regulation and emergency responses to disasters. Includes military police and firefighters.
  • Support Service. Provide food and religious services that support the well-being and morale of military personnel and their families.
  • Transportation and Material-Handling. Transport military personnel and cargo.
  • Vehicle and machinery personnel. Maintain automotive, aircraft, and heavy equipment.

What type of education do your need for a Military job?

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to enter the military as personnel. Officers must have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Basic pay is based on rank and time in service. The lowest amount that personnel receives for less than 2 years, is around $1638.30 a month while the highest rank over 20 years, at the highest level is around $15,800.10 a month.

In addition to base pay, members of the military also receive free housing on base or are given a housing allowance. Thy may also receive other benefits after a certain period of time serve, such as educational benefits through the Montgomery GI bill.

What is a typical salary for jobs in the Military?

According to the BLS, the annual median wage is around $36,500. Legal secretaries earn around $43,200 and medical secretaries earn a wage around $33,040.

What are the job requirements for Military jobs?

To join the military, applicants must meet certain age, aptitude, physical, and character requirements. The requirements for each service vary, but certain requirements are common for all branches are meeting a minimum age of 17 years of age, U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status, high school diploma or equivalent, never convicted of a felony, and able to pass a medical exam.

Where can you find a Military job listing?

You can search for a military job listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and You can also visit a nearby recruitment and talk to a recruiter about opportunities available to you within the military.

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