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Franchise Job Overview and Description

The franchise sector is a large and diverse industry that offer a wide range of positions for potential applicants to apply to at all levels. Franchises provide different products and services in various overlapping sectors. This sector’s job growth in the next few years is projected at 3.7%.

Franchise grants a third party their license for them to be able to operate under their brand and may even offer operations and branding support. Purchasing a franchise license with a well-established brand is a good opportunity for those looking to become business owners.

What is a Franchise job?

A franchise position can range from store manager to sales representative. Given the size of a single franchise, positions may need to be filled from many different departments. Some of these positions include, but are not limited to, accountants, franchise consultants, recruiters, owners, and directors.

Franchise Job Overview

Responsibilities will vary based on the type of position. A supervisor/managerial position may oversee the day to operations of a franchise location, managing store staff and handling payroll. They answer to a regional manager who oversees handling multiple store locations. A franchise director may be in control of a specific department within the corporate office or a regional location. Franchise owners may spend most of their time handling paperwork and payroll in an office setting or actively interacting with customers daily. They are responsible for maintaining the franchises standards. An owner may own multiple franchises and regularly travel to these locations each week to make sure that operations are running smoothly.

What are the different types of Franchise jobs?

  • Supervisor/Managerial Roles. This could be either a store manager, or regional manager that oversee handling daily and regional operations.
  • Franchise Consultants. Franchise consultants can be broken down into more specific roles, such as Sales and Business. They specialize in helping franchises improve their business practices to improve their bottom line.
  • Franchise Director. Directs and monitors a franchises growth and expansion on a national level. Serves as a liaison between franchises and corporate headquarters.
  • Franchise Owner. Business owner who purchases the rights to use an existing franchises brand. A Franchise owner may operate multiple locations under the same brand.

What type of education do you need?

For Franchise owners a degree in business, marketing, economics, or any other related field. is considered at least beneficial. This may also be considered beneficial for other types of managerial and top-level rows. Degrees are not necessary for sales and customer service positions but having general knowledge in computer applications and POS systems and possessing excellent customer service skills can help applicants with getting a job in this area.

What is a typical salary for Franchise jobs?

A franchise owner’s income largely depends on the performance of their business. The average profits an owner typically makes nationally is estimated to be around $128,000 a year.

The average annual income for other positions in the franchise sector are: $67,062 for franchise consultants, $67,096 for franchise directors, and $57,000 for managers.

What are Franchise job requirements?

Requirements will range depending on the position. For those handling customer interaction having excellent customer service skills is a must. Managerial roles will require excellent management and organizational skills, as well as experience in business and sales, handling day to day operations, budgeting and planning and staffing strategies.

Applicants interested in becoming an owner may require applicable state licenses in order to operate their business and need startup capital in order to purchase the rights to operate under a brand’s name. Different corporations will have different requirements. The capital needed to purchase a franchise may include a franchise fee, a down payment and liquid capital to start.

Where can you find a Franchise job listing?

You can search for a Franchise job listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and JobsInEachState.com. You can also check your local papers or do a general web search for your area for Franchise jobs. Applicants looking to own a franchise can look up information on how to apply on the company’s website. It’s a great opportunity for those wanting to become business owners in an established industry.

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