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Aviation Maintenance Technician - Overhaul, Support Shop

7 months ago Tulsa, United States

The responsibilities of an Aviation Maintenance Technician include the following: troubleshooting, individually or with Crew Chief, management or professional direction, disassembly, checking and ...

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Aircraft Mechanic

13 days ago us

Job Summary Deters Aviation LLC is a Fixed Base Operator located on the Fillmore County Airport near Rochester MN. We specialize in single engine piston aircraft service. Our growing customer base is ...

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Customer Service Representative, Line Technicians

4 months ago Aspen, United States

Atlantic Aviation * Aircraft Refueler/ Line Service Technician * Customer Service Agent Responsibilities InfoMsg iCIMSInfoMsg_Job"> ExpandableContainer"> ExpandableText"> We are seeking self ...

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Customer Service Representative, Line Service Technicians

27 days ago Aspen, United States

Atlantic Aviation * Aircraft Refueler/ Line Service Technician * Customer Service Agent Aircraft Refueler/ Line Service Technician Responsibilities InfoMsg iCIMSInfoMsg_Job"> ExpandableContainer ...

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A&P Mechanic I

4 months ago us

Accepting licensed A&P technicians seeking a general aviation career. Job Purpose The A&P Mechanic is responsible to perform aircraft maintenance and/or repairs within estimated time in accordance ...

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Aircraft Instrument Repair Technician

7 days ago Auburn, United States

TGH Aviation is currently seeking an experienced aircraft instrument Repair Technician to join our technical staff within our Repair Department, located in Auburn, CA. TGH is an FAA Part 145 Aircraft ...

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Aircraft Fueler - $17/hour

18 days ago Denver, CO, USA

Company Description With more than 200 airport operations across 6 continents, Menzies Aviation relies on more than 30,000 employees to ensure that our services hit the heights which are expected of ...

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Aviation Maintenance Technician

3 days ago Bells, TN, USA

Aviation Description Summary: The Aviation Maintenance Technician is responsible for completing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on company aircraft. The primary objective of the position is to ...

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Lead Aircraft Mechanic

1 month ago us

Responsible for teardown, assembly and test of wheels and brakes. Will manage a team of technicians, providing guidance and support. Coordinate with Quality to maintain project management.

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A&P Mechanic

2 months ago us

Newly founded warbird restoration company. Looking for candidates with FAA airframe and powerplant certificate. Experience with Beechcraft Bonanza or any military aircraft is preferred.

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Aviation Mechanic

18 days ago Rio Rancho, United States

Aersale Component Solutions is hiring for various aviation positions in Rio Rancho, NM. Competitive Pay and relocation packages may be available. Apply online at aersale.com/about/careers. The ...

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CVG Airport- Aircraft Fueler Opportunity

6 days ago Hebron, KY, USA

Prior experience preferred Job Type: Full-time Company Description With more than 200 airport operations across 6 continents, Menzies Aviation relies on more than 30,000 employees to ensure that our ...

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Aviation Mechanics

18 days ago Rio Rancho, NM, USA

Aersale Component Solutions is hiring for various aviation positions with competitive pay! Apply at aersale.com/about/careers.

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Aviation Safety Inspector (GAM), Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI)

22 days ago Alameda, CA, USA

Aviation Safety Inspector (GAM), Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI) ===== Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards Service, General Aviation Safety Assurance ...

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Inbound Telephone Customer Sales and Service - Aviation Parts

12 days ago Corona, CA, USA

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co, an aviation parts and supply distributor in Corona, CA is seeking an experienced Customer Service/Sales representative to assist customers with inbound email and phone ...

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Customer Service Representative - Aviation

21 days ago Pasadena, TX, USA

Universal Weather and Aviation is the oldest company in the corporate flight planning industry.

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Ramp Agent, Airline Commercial Fueler, Aviation Service Technician

9 days ago Gypsum, United States

Ramp Agent Airline Commercial Fueler Aviation Service Technician with potential to become full time Customer Service Representative with potential to become full time We offer competitive wages, ski ...

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Regional Sales Manager - Corporate Aircraft Parts

11 days ago us

Due to an internal promotion C&L Aerospace, a C&L Aviation Group company has an immediate opening for a Regional Sales Manager in our Bizjet Sales Team. Job Responsibilities * Selling corporate ...

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A&P Mechanic / Aviation Mechanic

3 days ago Boston, MA, USA

Notes: ** Must have A&P License An aircraft maintenance technician refers to an individual who holds an Airframe and/or Powerplant (A&P) certificate which is issued by the Federal Aviation ...

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Aviation Safety Inspector (A/W), General Aviation Assistant Principal Avionics Inspector

22 days ago Ankeny, IA, USA

Aviation Safety Inspector (A/W), General Aviation Assistant Principal Avionics Inspector ===== Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration FSS, GENERAL AVIATION G DIVISION, Des ...

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Aviation Maintenance Program Analyst

19 days ago Huntsville, AL, USA

QuantiTech is currently seeking an Aviation Maintenance Program Analyst to support our customer in Huntsville. AL. Duties will include, but are not limited to: + Performing data mining on Army ...

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Aviation Management Co-Op

1 month ago Ft Worth, United States

Aviation Management, Aerospace Administration & Operations, Aerospace Logistics, Technical Services Management or Professional Pilot. * Successful completion of sophomore year or approximately 60 ...

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Aviation Manintenance Technician (AMT)

1 month ago Chesapeake, VA, USA

Join our Federal Aviation Regulations Part 145 Repair Station maintaining General Aviation aircraft and supporting Scheduled Air Carriers serving Newport News/Williamsburg Intl Airport. Company ...

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Aviation Mehanic

6 days ago Mobile, AL, USA

Genesis is looking for an Aviation mechanic with an Amp license the job is paying 18 to 20 an hour. Company Description We offer key solutions to minimize production risk, optimize performance and ...

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Customer Service Representative and Scheduler

10 days ago Denver, CO, USA

International Jet Aviation Services, Inc. Customer Service Agent 8511 Aviator Lane Centennial CO. 80112 Flight Coordinator and Customer Service Agent Job description: The primary duty of the ...

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Aviation Job

Aviation Job Overview and Description

Air traffic is expected to increase gradually over the coming decade, so there will be more demand for workers in all areas of the aviation industry. Despite this, for positions dealing with repair and maintenance, employment growth opportunities may be reduced as some airlines may outsource maintenance work to specialized maintenance and repair shops, both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, airlines employing more efficient scheduling systems and using aircrafts with more passenger capacity may limit additional demand for pilot jobs. Despite these factors, these jobs are still projected to experience job growth, albeit slower than the average for all occupations.

What are Aviation jobs?

Aviation jobs include pilots, mechanics, engineers, flight attendants and air traffic controllers. These jobs center around all aspects of the maintenance and operating of airline equipment and aircrafts, preparing aircraft carriers for flight and ensuring that flights are running on schedule. Flight attendant positions handle the management of passengers before, during, and after flights.

Aviation Job Overview

The type of environment that an aviation worker spends time in is dependent on the type of position that they are in.

According to the BLS, many pilots fly on average of 75 hours a month and spend an additional 150 hours preparing flight plans and checking weather conditions. Their schedules may be a few days of work followed by a few days off. Airline pilots may spend several nights a week away from home.

Flight attendants work primarily in the cabin of a passenger aircraft. They stand for long periods of time and deal directly with the passengers. Handling difficult customers and dealing with emergencies may cause stress. Flight attendants often work nights and holidays and spend a few days a week away from home. A Typical on-duty shift is about 12-14 hours a day.

Air traffic controllers spend much of their time in control towers, control facilities and en route centers. These types of facilities are usually located near large airports.

Aircraft mechanics and technicians work in hangars, repair stations, or on airfields. They often lift heavy objects, handle dangerous chemicals, or operate large power tools. These workers must take precaution against injuries by wearing ear protection and brightly colored vests to make sure that they are seen when operating around large aircrafts.

What are the different types of Aviation jobs?

What type of education do you need for an Aviation job?

Commercial pilots usually need a high school diploma or equivalent. The most common path for a commercial pilot is to complete flight training with independent FAA-certified flight instructors or at schools that offer flight training. Some 2 to 4-year colleges have flight schools. Airline pilots typically need a bachelors in any subject. Newly hired airline pilots typically undergo on the job training in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs); this usually includes 6-8 weeks of ground school.

For flight attendants, a high school diploma or equivalent is typically necessary. Some employers prefer to higher applicants who have taken college courses. Flight attendants receive training for their employer and must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Along with this, flight attendants typically need 1 to 2 years of work experience in a service occupation before getting their first flight attendant job. On the job training, provided by the airlines, ranges anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, and usually takes place at the airline’s flight training center; this is required for FAA certification.

Air traffic controllers typically need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an AT-CTI program, or, must have 3 years of progressively responsible work experience, have completed a 4-year college, or both. Courses in AT-CTI programs focus on subjects that are fundamental to aviation; this includes aviation weather, airspace, clearances, reading charts, federal regulations, and related topics. Most newly hired workers are trained at the FAA academy that is in Oklahoma City. The length of their training may vary. Applicants must be hired by their 31st birthday. New workers start out as developmental controllers until they complete all requirements for becoming a certified air traffic controller.

Aviation mechanics and technicians typically enter the occupation with a high school diploma or equivalent and receive on-the-job training. They typically enter the occupation after attending a Part 147 FAA-approved aviation maintenance technician school that award a certificate of completion recognized as an alternative to the experience requirements needed.

Aerospace engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, another field of engineering, or science related to aerospace systems. Some colleges offer cooperative programs in partnerships with regional businesses, which can give students practical experience while they complete their education. Programs in aerospace engineering is accredited by ABET.

What is a typical salary for an Aviation job?

The median annual wage for pilots is around $137,330. For flight attendants its is around $50,500, $61,020 for mechanics and technicians, $124,549 for air traffic controllers, and $113,030 for aerospace engineers.

What are the job requirements for Aviation jobs?

Most of these jobs require some type of license or certification.

To become an airline or commercial pilot, applicants must receive several licenses; In order of which they must obtain these licenses, these would be student pilot license, private pilot license, instrument rating, commercial pilot license, multi-engine license, and airline transport pilot certificate. Other important qualities that a pilot needs are excellent communication, observational, problem-solving skills, and quick reaction time.

All flight attendants must be certified by the FAA. To do this they must complete their employer’s training and complete and exam. Flight attendants must be attentive, have good communication, and decision-making skills, and physical stamina. Those who work on international flights may need to be fluent in a particular language. Flight attendants must also be at least 18 years old, be eligible to work in the US, have a valid passport and pass a background and drug test. Flight attendants should present a professional appearance, with no body piercings, tattoos, or unusual hairstyles and makeup.

The FAA requires that any aircraft maintenance be done by a certified mechanic with the appropriate ratings or authorizations. Mechanics must be at least 18 years of age and have 30 months of experience to qualify for their ratings.

All air traffic controllers must hold an Air Traffic Control Tower Operator Certificate or be appropriately qualified and supervised.

Certification is not typically required for entry-level engineers but can be acquired later on in one’s career.

Where can you find an Aviation job listing?

You can search for an aviation job listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and JobsInEachState.com. You can also check your local papers or do a general web search for your area for aviation jobs.