Media Job Overview and Description

Media is a highly popular and competitive field, overlapping with many different industries. Media jobs include the reporting of news and current events, managing a company’s brand and creating related content through social media. Much of today’s media job are associated with the internet as traditional media such as, newspapers and magazines decline in readership; most Americans get their news from the internet. A 13 percent decline in the media field is expected throughout the next few years.

What is a Media job?

There are many different types of media jobs available for applicants of different skill and experience levels to apply too. Traditional media jobs include reporters, journalists, and editors. Other types of media include working with social media: these types of jobs include social media analysts, social media managers, media planners/buyers, and specialists.

Media job overview?

Though the types of social media jobs available will vary greatly from role to role, most media jobs take place in an office setting. Certain jobs, such as buyer and planner positions may require some traveling within the workday to visit clients. Reporting and journalist positions may also require traveling away from the office.

What are the different types of Media jobs?

  • Reporter/Journalist/Correspondence. Informs the public on news and events.
  • Social Media Analyst. Communicates with the public through platforms that allows users to create and share content online. Run employer’s social media accounts and build brand reputation.
  • Social Media Manager. Manages social media campaigns. Develops content relevant to company’s target customers. Cultivation of leads and sales.
  • Planner/Buyer. Secures advertising space within TV schedules and magazines to maximize the impact of their clients’ campaigns.

What type of education do you need for Media jobs?

A bachelor’s degree is preferred for a media jobs, preferably a degree in communications. Experience is also an important factor in applying for media jobs. Internships are also available for those interested in getting into the field and a good way of getting experience.

Courses in public relations, communications, and business are helpful for applicants currently going to school for media.

What is a typical salary for Media jobs?

The median annual salary for media jobs is $35,870.

What are job requirements for Media jobs?

If the media job that an applicant is applying for involves working on social media platforms, at least a familiarity of the platforms used is needed. Applicants should possess creativity, writing, research and communication skills for presenting content in interesting ways. Maintaining up-to-date knowledge on social media news and trends is also necessary to perform the job well.

Where can you find a Media job listing?

You can search for a media job listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and You can also check your local papers or do a general web search for your area for media jobs.

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