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Farmers Insurance District Apprentice -Internship Program

12 days ago Vancouver, WA, USA

Protégé Apprentice Agent PAID ($2k/month plus bonuses) The PAID Agency Protégé apprentice position is a 1 year apprentice position designed to give an aspiring entrepreneur the opportunity to ...

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Social Media & Marketing Fall Internship

26 days ago Chicago, IL, USA

This individual should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of marketing. Social Media Role

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Content Creation Internship

19 days ago us

2019 Creative Content Internship Job Description GENERAL PURPOSE AND POSITION SUMMARY OneSeven Agency is offering an unpaid creative content internship position for up to 12 weeks. The primary ...

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Content Writer Internship

11 days ago us

The Content Writer Internship will provide: * $12.00/hr * 40 Hrs/Week (FULL TIME) for 6 Months * Full Training Program & Mentorship * Participate in Meetings & Company Events * Valuable Experience in ...

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Marketing Internship

6 days ago Los Angeles, United States

Marketing Internship We are a bi-coastal boutique marketing and PR agency based in Los Angeles. Our founders have vast, award-winning experience in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. We are looking for an ...

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Spring College Internship Program: Digital Content Writer Intern

13 days ago

PurposeSMUD's Spring College Internship Program provides interns with an opportunity to contribute their skills and knowledge to SMUD while gaining valuable experience. Workshops and activities will ...

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Spring College Internship Program: Residential Program Outreach Intern

14 days ago

PurposeSMUD's Spring College Internship Program provides interns with an opportunity to contribute their skills and knowledge to SMUD while gaining valuable experience. Workshops and activities will ...

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15 days ago Wilsonville, USA

VIDEOGRAPHER INTERNSHIP Intern Description: The Ultimate.Network has part-time, unpaid internship opportunities for undergraduate students and interns to assist in the improvement of the company ...

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Internship Marketing

20 days ago Costa Mesa, USA


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Brand Marketing Internship

1 month ago Los Angeles, United States

... internship is an opportunity to find a full-time role in a rapidly growing company and learn from leaders in tech, retail, and high-growth startups. As you find your fit in the organization ...

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Sales Intern - Paid Internship

4 days ago San Rafael, CA, USA

Are you a motivated student interested in an internship opportunity that offers a broad introduction to an entrepreneurial business? The student will be exposed to all aspects of the business through ...

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Un-paid Internship

23 days ago Kirkland, USA

Un-paid Internship Local art gallery accepting applications for Spring/Summer internship program. We are looking for outgoing, creative individuals who can effectively communicate our mission to the ...

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Paid Work Internship for College Students

7 days ago San Marcos, TX, USA

Southwestern Advantage acts as an internship to develop and train students for future career positions with over 18+ sister companies within the Southwestern Family of Companies. This is an outside ...

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Summer 2020 Photojournalism Internship

1 month ago Seattle, WA, USA

For 10 weeks, our interns attend training sessions with members of our Pulitzer Prize-winning staff members to work on a variety of real-world assignments at an established, renowned metropolitan ...

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Summer 2020 Features Internship

1 month ago Seattle, WA, USA

For 10 weeks, our interns attend training sessions with members of our Pulitzer Prize-winning staff members to work on a variety of real-world assignments at an established, renowned metropolitan ...

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Internship - Unpaid

2 months ago Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Description Interns will complete 90 hours in this unpaid format and college credits will be given. All interns will attend the Wynn New Hire Orientation (a two-day orientation program for all ...

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2020 Summer Internship- Sales Undergraduate

1 month ago Bentonville, United States

Then check out this summer internship opportunity with L'Oréal USA. Our sales teams are looking for high-performing and motivated students to develop into the sales and business development ...

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2020 Summer Internship - Geology - Multi Location

14 days ago Phoenix, United States

Freeport-McMoRan s internship program has been referred to as one of the top programs in the mining industry. By providing access to top minds and technology in mining today, our structured ...

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Fall Marketing & Communications Interns

12 days ago Los Angeles, USA

This is a part-time position, 2-3 days a, publicity, press, media, celebrity, internship

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College to Corporate Internship - Business - AZ

4 months ago Scottsdale, United States

Take a stand for investors Vanguard's College to Corporate Internship Program for Business is an immersive, hands-on experience at one of the world's leading investment firms. Leading a key ...

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Paid Internship Opportunity

4 days ago Pflugerville, TX, USA

Internship Opportunity - Paid Internship Still looking for an internship this fall? Want to do something that looks good on resume but is also fun? Look no further! Fall is almost here and many ...

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PAID Marketing Internship! #Sports

4 days ago Ashland, CA, USA

Well guess what - you have the right mentality for a FULL TIME INTERNSHIP in our Business Development, Marketing & Social Media Departments! We're looking for people who love [read: "are obsessed ...

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Internship Opportunities - Business/Communication Degrees

2 days ago Houston, TX, USA

Part Time & Full Time Availability for our Internship Program! We are looking for college students or recent grads that have an interest in learning marketing, sales or skills on how to run a ...

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Marketing Internship

4 months ago San Francisco, United States

Marketing Internship Internship - ---.-----.--- - Native Russian Language Required **Marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. ** We seek a detail-oriented individual with ...

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Sales Representative Intern - Paid Internship

21 days ago Harrisburg, NC, USA

Sales Representative Intern - Paid Internship - Summer Internship - 10-week minimum, 40 hours per week **No experience is necessary** We are now striving to attract the most skilled and capable entry ...

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Internship Job Overview and Description

Internships are a great way for college students and graduates to gain experience in their area of study. Interns are employed in almost every industry and provide support to a department or office staff. While going to school for the career that you would like to be in is important to getting a job, some type of real-world experience is necessary in order to develop crucial industry skills that will make you more desirable to employers. The need for interns depends on the resources an employer has available in order to train new interns.

What is an Intern?

An intern is usually a student or a trainee who works at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience. The type of work an intern will perform is largely based on the type of field that they are in.

Internship Job Overview

An intern’s duties and daily schedule will vary greatly, based on the type of field they are studying. Interns are usually students, currently attending college or some type of educational program. Many internships usually last a semester, including the summer semester, with a chance of the internship becoming a full-time job. Internships are usually part-time. An intern might also have a second part-time job along with attending school. They may be asked to perform more menial tasks and may shadow and be trained by a more experienced employee.

What are the different types of Interns?

There are paid interns and unpaid interns. See salary options below.

What type of education do you need to be an Intern?

Most employers require that you are currently enrolled in a college or some type of educational program in a field related to their industry. It is possible to get an internship without going to college if you have had some prior experience and, in some industries, a portfolio of previous work. However, students who are currently enrolled in a college program usually stand a better chance of finding an internship

What is a typical salary for Interns?

Depending on the type of industry, unpaid internships may be the norm with applicants applying for internships in order to fulfill college credit required to graduate. Some applicants who take an unpaid internship do so for the experience and the possibility to be hired full-time. Many internships do become full-time, paid employment; this is largely dependent on the company, the type of industry and the interns job performance. Many students will often take a second job to support themselves while they intern.

Paid internships also exist. The average paid internship salary will vary widely, depending on the industry. It may be as low as $10 an hour and may require an intern to take on a second job in order to supplement their income. The national average for an intern is around $33,120.

What are the job requirements for Internships?

Most employers expect internships to be currently enrolled in college or trade school. The type of skills an intern may need will depend on their field of study and what the company needs. An intern may need working knowledge of a specific software, or equipment, and knowledge related to their field. Many companies also have minimum GPA requirements for those in school.

Certain industries, such as the Computer Science and Design industries, may require students to provide portfolios that show student work or real-world application of their skills to be considered. Skill test may also be used to test an applicant’s skills.

Where can you find an Internship listing?

You can search for an internship listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and You can also check with your college or university or do a general web search for your area for internships. Colleges usually provide some type of program or resources that can connect students to potential employers. Some companies will also work together with colleges to provided students with internships.