Energy Overview and Description

“Green” energy as a reliable way to produce energy for the United States. Technologies, like solar power, have become more cost-effective, can lower emissions from electricity generation and decrease long-term costs; this makes it possible for these types energies to make up a larger share of the industry and creates a growing need for more workers.

Though there is currently no hard data that that can give us specific projections on how much the industry will grow, positions in all sectors show great potential to grow.

What are Energy jobs?

The energy industry includes workers in science, engineering, manufacturing, construction, and installation.

Energy Job Overview

The type of environment that one will be in will depend on the type of position taken. Workplace environments can range from offices, to laboratories, to field work. Positions like home energy consultant may often be out of the office, performing home audits and interacting with customers.

What are the Different Types of Energy jobs?

  • Energy Scientists. Involved in the research and development of new and more efficient materials.
  • Energy Engineers. Design new systems and improve existing technology.
  • Installers. Includes electricians, plumbers and photovoltaic installers. They help install and maintain energy systems in residential homes.
  • Home energy Consultant. Assist homeowners in making their homes more energy efficient.

What Type of Education do You Need for a job in Energy?

The type of education needed is dependent on the type of position that applicants are looking to apply to. Degrees related to the field that a worker is in is desired. Careers in engineering lean towards requiring a masters or doctorate degree. A doctoral is a must for researchers.

What is a Typical Energy job Salary?

The median annual salary for home energy consultants is around $69,040. Energy engineer jobs can pay anywhere from $50,130 and $94,780, depending on the sector and company they work in. Researchers and developers can earn between $68,320 and $106,370.

What are the Job Requirements for Energy jobs?

Job requirements vary greatly, depending on the type of job a worker is in.

Where Can You Find an Energy Job Listing?

You can search for an energy job listing through websites like CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, SimplyHired, and You can also check your local papers or do a general web search for your area for energy jobs.

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