Want to be a Commercial Truck Driver? Develop These 5 Important Skills

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There’s something alluring about the call of the open road. For many, being commercial truck driver isn’t just a job, but a lifestyle. Spending your life driving from city to city and state to state.

Imagine the sites you’ll see and the experiences you’ll have. There are certain skills every person needs to have if they want to be a truck driver. In addition to the joy of the road, it’s a lucrative business that’s in demand.

Learn what skills you need to know if you want to pass your CDL and spend your life making a living on the road.

Becoming a Commercial Truck Driver Requires Responsibility

Truck driving is far more than going from one place to another. Truck drivers must follow many safety procedures and handling of equipment. While other jobs may allow you to relax some of the requirements, truck driving isn’t one of them.

You need to fill out mileage sheets and time sheets religiously. You must make sure you adhere to all driving safety standards as well as those set for specifically for truck drivers. You handle all different types of cargo including hazardous materials, which have their own safety procedures.

If you shirk your duties, then it can lead to heavy fines or even a traffic accident.

Work Independently for Long Periods

When you’re on the road, there’s no boss looking over your shoulder. There’s no one making sure everything gets done or telling you to follow the rules. Truck drivers must be able to handle working along with little oversight.

Driving big trucks for hours at a time on the road can be tough. You’re on your own and need to take the appropriate time of rest, food and relaxation. If you need someone to keep you motivated to keep you from cutting corners, then truck driving isn’t for you.

You can find a trucking job no matter what state you live in.

Understand Truck Mechanics

A big truck is a complicated machine with many moving parts. It’s not uncommon to see a big rig on the side of the road because of mechanical problems. While you don’t need to know complex repairs, you do need to have a basic understanding of truck mechanics.

If you’re hauling a load and you have a flat tire, you can’t wait a few hours for a big rig mechanic to change it for you. Small problems are fixable by the driver and it’s expected.

High Strength and Stamina

We mentioned before how truck driving isn’t just going from one place to another. When you’re hauling product, you’re expected to help get on and off the truck. It’s possible the people helping you load don’t understand the proper way for weight distribution, etc.

You need to be there to help load and supervise the helpers. You need to know how much weight is placed on the truck, etc.

Running a Big Rig

Your truck isn’t like a car. It can have an 18-speed transmission, Jake brakes, and floating gears. You need to understand how all these work and how to use them. Part of becoming a truck driver is getting your CDL license, which requires training.

The truck driving course should go over all of these, but you need to be familiar with every aspect of driving a big rig.

Make it Your Life

Being a commercial truck driver can be a fun and exciting lifestyle. You can work for a major company or be independent. You can travel with a pet or significant other. There are many reasons why a person becomes a truck driver.

If you want to find a job in trucking, then check out what we have.