Understand Your Options: The Highest Paying Nursing Jobs of 2019

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Skyrocket your career with the highest paying nursing jobs! Don't stay stuck in a career rut—there are too many opportunities to sit back. The nursing field is booming nowadays, and statisticians expect the demand to increase. 

With more baby boomers entering the healthcare system, they'll need nurses to cover. If you're looking for a career change, then nursing might be the solution for you. It's a positive field for caring people looking for a challenge!

Read on to discover what the highest paying nursing jobs in 2019 will be! 

One of the Highest Paying Nursing Jobs Is: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist [CRNA]

This is one of the highest paying nursing jobs available is CRNA. You might be wondering what's different about a CRNA? Why do they make so much more than the other nurses?

It's a bit harder to become a CRNA, and it takes experience. A CRNA is an "advanced" nursing certification. You'll need some years of experience in nursing beforehand to start the CRNA process.

This position may not sound complicated, but it is tricky and comes with high-pressure. Still, it's super important for CRNAs to know what they're doing. Anytime a person goes under anesthesia; they run high risks.

It's up to CRNAs to ensure they are accurate and have focus at all times. 

Nurse Practitioner and the Difference Between NP and MD/ME

For this job position, you work alongside doctors and visit with patients. In a primary care office, you can have one-on-one contact with patients. 

NPs operate like a doctor in that they can:

  • Physical examination of patients
  • Diagnosis of an illness
  • Suggest treatment 

Different states have regulations on what an NP can do. It's worth researching before studying or enrolling in a program. Some states like Colorado let NPs prescribe medicine and treatments. 

Other states only allow NPs to diagnose, without prescribing medicine. If a patient needs a prescription, they'll need to get approval from MDs. Doctors [MD/ME] have more schooling and power than NPs. 

Researching a company you want to work for can help you choose a school to enroll. Companies can offer students tuition reimbursement for their efforts and successful degree completion! 

Nurse Educator and What to Expect

Education is key for a patient that has a complex diagnosis that they don't understand. You'll serve as a bridge to close the gap between their confuse and understanding. This job is super important because you'll be a touchstone for patients that feel lost and afraid.

A diagnosis like diabetes can be scary for someone that's not familiar with the disease. As a nurse educator, you'll take the time to explain the diagnosis to them. You'll also instruct them on how to better care for their health.

For diabetic patients, this could be as simple as building a dietary plan.  

Finding Your Dream Job in Nursing

Want to take a crack at the highest paying nursing jobs? Getting the right education, degrees, and certification is the first step. For nurses looking for work, you can search for jobs by state from home!  

Also, set up your job alerts to know when a position opens up. You'll get first dibs on the hottest positions! With a booming industry like nursing, you're bound to find a job fast and easier than you thought.

If you'd like to learn more about finding nursing work in your area, consider checking out our webpage featuring some nursing job postings.